Äventyret speaks at Knowledge of Design Week in Hong Kong

Last week I was at the Hong Kong Design Centre’s Knowledge of Design Week and invited to talk about how the hospitality industry needs to adapt to attract the millennial generation, and how big data can help with that challenge.

The whole talk is around 30 minutes, but I manage to pack a lot in: First, I look at what differentiates the millennial generation from previous generations of travellers. (Hint: They are mobile-native, global in outlook, and (more) post-materialistic). Then, I explore the new technologies coming online and focus on big data, which underlies many of them. Then I look at how these new technologies are enabling the hospitality industry to come up with new strategies to connect with then millennials. And finally, I briefly look at where the new opportunities along the customer journey may now lie.

Read on to see the video. Feel free to chime in with feedback or questions.

/ Posted by Stefan Geens (Employee 2014-2017)