Our way of working

Our approach is led by focused, scaled and iterative work. As a client, you are part of our award-winning service design team – a team that includes expertise, skills and the mastery of design research, concept development, the design of interfaces, interactions, graphics and code, along with trend monitoring and best practice in the development and execution of digitization strategies.


Äventyret was created from the realization that our clients demand a more agile work methodology in the work processes in the design process, combined with our own desire to find a more efficient approach to work in an increasingly fast-paced environment.

What makes us different from other agencies is our approach to work. Our approach is characterized by flexibility. We have our bases well-covered, which enables us to focus and work with our clients on what is really needed. This means we can meet your creative and service design needs today and be your entrepreneurial SWAT team executing strategy tomorrow. We are Äventyret – at your service.

Our shared journey will start with a brief but intense collaborative effort in our studio (or one of your project rooms) so that we can:

  • Explore and analyze the design challenge(s)
  • Formulate hypotheses based on conclusions drawn from the analysis
  • Create a prototype to test the hypotheses
  • Test and rebuild – several times

The result will be a prototype that gives you a clear solution to the  initial design challenge. The prototype can then serve as the basis for a fully functional product or service.

You then choose if you want Äventyret to take the project to its ultimate conclusion, or if you would rather do it yourself, or get someone else to do it. You own the result.  

Trend monitoring and design research

Äventyret has a dedicated focus on trend and global monitoring – not just because we are computer nerds and news junkies, but because we want to understand the imminent future that we are already developing services for today. Our clients have also requested such insights as an offer per se, so it is not uncommon for us to be hired to conduct continuous monitoring of global trends.

We also think it is important to stay at the forefront of the latest design research focusing on interaction, graphical form, moving and engaging content. Through a combination of client projects and our own services, we will always challenge the status quo and find a better way to solve the design challenges that we encounter.


Strategy and concept development

Strategy work by the team at Äventyret produces situation analyzes, target outcome formulation and action plans.

  • Situation analysis is characterized by a combination of desk-based research and workshops in which we create customer journey maps, targets and measurement points and carry out benchmarking.
  • Target outcome formulation details a number of strategic principles and a number of sub-targets in the digital arena that can engage with the overall operational targets.
  • The action plan is prioritized in consultation with our client before starting the work on change.

Our concept development project is characterized by the desire to effect positive, disruptive and sustainable change, always with best practice from the perspective of the user as the guiding star. by asking ourselves the question, what would be the absolute coolest thing if there was a service that…”, instead of, “what would be the most profitable to…”. This approach means we reach conclusions other than those that we would have reached had we followed the traditional zombie-financial-war-room method.


A prototype-based approach to code and design

We believe that real change requires action and increases the added value and relevance for our clients, by helping them build smarter digital services, faster. We succeed at this by taking an innovation-driven approach where we replace the usual waterfall process with a prototype-centric method with a focus on rapid iterations and constant user feedback. The client becomes part of our team, and the whole team works closely for a brief, but intense period in order to jointly uncover state-of-the-art solutions to selected challenges. This demands a large dose of mutual trust and for our clients to have the mandate from their organizations to make relevant decisions promptly.

Our approach to work in terms of design is influenced by atomic design.  This means that both designers and interface coders together create reusable and modular code and visual content libraries. working in this consistent manner with modular thinking means we are able to avoid creating results that are limited or have narrow areas of application. This approach also complements our interface design in its entirety and is important for services that are to endure and develop over time.