Work at Äventyret

At Äventyret, we always take the user’s side, and help our clients understand the explosive power of acquiring an entirely user-centric business. Business development with Äventyret means that you will have access to, and create new ways of working with strategy, concepts and design. Join us on our journey.  

We deliver different things to different customers, but everything is about creating the best user experience or UX. In the concept of UX, we include interfaces, (UI – User Interface), business models, organizations, customer service, design, brand identities, product contents and service usefulness.

Äventyret chooses to work with the latest technologies and builds applications more often than websites. We love Open Source, but at the same time, we are not anti- Microsoft either.

Äventyret offers excellent pension plans, a wellness grant program, compensation for overtime (but we very rarely work over time) and subsistence allowances when travelling.

Most of Team Äventyret work from our office in Stockholm, but we also have a small office in a little red cabin with a white picket fence out in the forest in Värmland. It is not unusual for us to travel with our projects and in recent years we have worked on projects in places including Shanghai, Ransäter, Oslo, New York, Malmö, Alexandria, Gällivare, Karlstad, San Jose, Gothenburg, Gräfsnäs, Östersund, Uppsala and Kunming.

Sometimes we travel for an internal conference and a kung-fu course, sometimes we have big and small parties and on one Friday every month, we will gather together and show our projects to each other. Some of us also hold regular lectures and run courses for both small businesses and large organizations.

Join us on our journey.