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At Äventyret, we always take the user’s side, and help our clients understand the explosive power of acquiring an entirely user-centric business. Business development with Äventyret means that you will have access to, and create new ways of working with strategy, concepts and design. Join us on our journey.  

We deliver different things to different customers, but everything is about creating the best user experience or UX. In the concept of UX, we include interfaces, (UI – User Interface), business models, organizations, customer service, design, brand identities, product contents and service usefulness.

Äventyret chooses to work with the latest technologies and builds applications more often than websites. We love Open Source, but at the same time, we are not anti- Microsoft either.

Äventyret offers excellent pension plans, a wellness grant program, compensation for overtime (but we very rarely work over time) and subsistence allowances when travelling.

Most of Team Äventyret work from our office in Stockholm, but we also have a small office in a little red cabin with a white picket fence out in the forest in Värmland. It is not unusual for us to travel with our projects and in recent years we have worked on projects in places including Shanghai, Ransäter, Oslo, New York, Malmö, Alexandria, Gällivare, Karlstad, San Jose, Gothenburg, Gräfsnäs, Östersund, Uppsala and Kunming.

Sometimes we travel for an internal conference and a kung-fu course, sometimes we have big and small parties and on one Friday every month, we will gather together and show our projects to each other. Some of us also hold regular lectures and run courses for both small businesses and large organizations.

Join us on our journey.


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Do you want to know more? Have we really got it all? If you are wondering about it, we would like to tell you more. Or maybe you are excited to work with us? Check out the job profiles below for the type of roles and people we are currently looking for. (No hat there that fits you at the moment? Let’s talk anyway!)

Frida Hammarström
Telephone: +46709563179
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The Swedish Institute conducts public diplomacy on behalf of Sweden, promoting the exchange of culture, education and research between Sweden and the world. Äventyret is the Swedish Institute’s partner for innovation and service design. www.si.se
VisitSweden is the national tourism organization responsible for promoting Sweden as a travel destination globally. Äventyret conducts strategy and concept development projects for VisitSweden, including trend monitoring and business intelligence. www.visitsweden.com
Samsung is a pioneer in virtual reality hardware, building the first consumer VR headset, the Gear VR. Via our partner 360Cities, Samsung commissioned an app for the Gear VR. We developed “360Stories”, which allows photographers to create immersive stories from their panoramas. www.samsung.com
AktivBo provides housing and real estate companies with business management materials for the purpose of creating better housing, a better work environment and more satisfied owners. Äventyret is partner to AktivBo for digital service design for the Swedish and German markets. www.aktivbo.com
Almega is a service company organization and the largest group within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Äventyret is Almega’s strategic partner for digital innovation, communication and service design. www.almega.se
Boob creates sustainable pregnancy and breastfeeding clothes for mothers worldwide. Äventyret is Boob’s partner for the concept and design of digital services. Together with Boob we developed their e-commerce site www.boobdesign.com
Chef creates the largest leadership magazine in the Nordic region and operates a number of successful digital media businesses. Äventyret has been Chef’s preferred digital partner since 2016. www.chef.se
LRF Media is a Swedish publishing house, focusing on the countryside and the green sector. Äventyret has been developing strategy, concept and design for a number of LRF Media’s digital strategic investments since 2015. www.lrfmedia.se | www.land.se
Onepix is the most popular clinical image management system in Scandinavia, and is currently used in more than 7,000 treatment rooms throughout the Scandinavian region. In 2016, Äventyret produced interaction and interface designs (as well as new graphics profiles) for the new version of Onepix. www.onepix.se
Qvalia helps its customers optimize their financial flows. Äventyret is Qvalia’s partner for service design; together we are building digital products and services that are revolutionizing how corporate payments work. www.qvalia.com
SAMI is a financial association (non-profit) that represents practitioners who play and sing on recorded works. Members are artists and musicians. Customers are companies and businesses that play their music. Äventyret has worked on service design for SAMI since 2016. www.sami.se
Sunfleet is Volvo’s car sharing service in Sweden. Äventyret developed multiple iterations of a digital prototype for Sunfleet, aimed at a more efficient booking experience. www.sunfleet.com
Telenor Connexion designs, develops and operates business solutions for connected products and services. Äventyret is the global partner of Telenor Connexions for digital communication. www.telenorconnexion.com
Tourism in Skåne (TiS) is the official marketing and development company for the region of Skåne. During 2015-2016, Äventyret worked on digitalization strategies together with TiS. www.tourisminskane.com
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK) is a cultural center in Uppsala. Äventyret has been preferred digital partner to UKK since 2016. www.ukk.se