Are you a UX designer looking for Äventyret?

Whether you prefer the title UX designer, IX designer, Service designer or product designer we dont mind. However if you currently hold any of these titles and love creating user centric design that makes both product owners and users smile, we would like to meet you! Let us take you on a little adventure. Read on….we think you might like it.


Who are Äventyret? We are a multi-talented team of developers, concept developers, designers, problem solvers, architects, business developers and creators of aesthetically pleasing and highly intuitive UIs. Several million people around the world have used the products and services we have developed for our clients. We see ourselves as enablers – we enable our clients to provide improved benefits to their customers, while future-proofing their businesses and generating sustainable streams of revenue in a better way. 

Google puts us into the “business developers” category, which isn’t entirely silly as we are technology agnostic, which means we can let the effects of what we produce speak for themselves. Our solutions come into being in the digital format that is the best for the job: apps, online login services, technology ecosystems, digitalisation projects, prototypes for business line and so on…you get the picture. Purpose trumps choice of technology. Every time.

Äventyret is one of the new breed: a quality-focused team of 40, we own our company, so have no need for platform sales or profit figures that are obtained at the expense of quality. You’ll find our offices in Stockholm and Örebro and our employees everywhere.

Why do we need you? 

Why not  send in your application and you can tell us

From our side, our customers are satisfied (we would even go so far as to say happy) and when that’s the case, people like to talk about these things. When new projects come knocking, we need more team members who can lead project work in the direction of:

  1. Ensuring we are solving the right problem (even when the client has a clear idea for a solution).
  2. Creating, prioritising and selecting solution proposals.
  3. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s: Follow-up, evaluate and test what the team produces.

You will choose the tools for this according to your experience, interests and industry standards.  One thing that is really important if you want to work with Äventyret is that you absolutely must like research and testing – but also be able to translate insight into solutions or concepts. You will not be the company’s research department, where someone else creates the next step based on your data. 

S0: once the dust from the workshop has settled and you’ve done time at the coalface, you emerge with a smile: Now the work begins! You don’t have just a problem statement to pass on to someone who has ordered one. You will refine and test your candidate solutions alongside your team (!) until launch time.

Who are you then?

    1. You’re a really good communicator with a high level of empathy that you use when meeting users in interviews and testing – but also to get the best from an unaccustomed client.
    2. You enjoy running workshops and can keep participants interested and it doesn’t matter if they are directors or students.
    3. “Why?” You enjoy solving problems and have an analytical and enquiring mind.
    4. “Because!” You have the ability to present a solid case for the design decisions you have made.
    5. “Or maybe…” This includes being able to change when the problem is complex. Doesn’t matter if it’s you or someone else who comes up with something better. And who was it that came up with the best or worst idea? You’ve already forgotten.
    6. You’re used to working independently and tight collaboration with your clients. You are both strict and flexible, French and German. You are happy to hold workshops and training sessions on both concepts and methodologies and know everything but are never erratic. You are extremely resistant to stress but can really switch it up when you need to and know exactly when such a situation will arise. Love is patient and good. You are absolutely not boring but nor are you silly.  Smart but not pretentious. You have no complexes and make daily life for those around you easy with your “beautiful” manner. You can give and take feedback and quote the textbook on Agile teamwork – in fact you know it so well that you can also deviate from it because you know, you have to know the rules in order to break them.
    7. You are a person who works with people – for people.

Are you ready for Äventyret?

Apply now! Interviews are ongoing. If you have any questions or would like more information, call or email Klara Himmelstrand on +46 72-050 78 44 or [email protected]