Our three areas of expertise:

  • Trend monitoring and design research,
    to understand the forces shaping user behaviour.
  • Strategies and concept development,
    to transform this understanding into opportunities for action.
  • A prototype-based approach to coding and design,
    to quickly turn these opportunities into concrete products and services.

Our approach:

It’s all about focused, lean iteration. As the client, you become a core part of Äventyret’s award-winning service design team — with members skilled in design research, concept development, user interface design, graphic design and coding.

Then, over an intensive 2-3 week period, we work together in our Stockholm studio to:

  • Research and analyse the design challenge
  • Construct hypotheses from these research findings
  • Develop a prototype to test these hypotheses
  • Iteratively test and rebuild

The result is a prototype owned by you that provides a clear solution to the initial design challenge. This prototype can serve as a blueprint for a fully-functional polished product. You can choose to have Äventyret develop the project to completion, take it inhouse, or take it elsewhere. It’s yours to keep.

About Äventyret:

Äventyret is the latest spin-off to emerge from the award-winning digital design agency Söderhavet. We exist because clients are demanding more agile production methods when designing services in a rapidly changing world.

We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by our methodology, but are adaptable in our work: We are a boutique design studio, a SWAT startup for hire, or a service design squad, depending on the client’s needs.

Äventyret is part of a family of specialist digital agencies:


Innovation-driven service design studio with an iterative approach to coding and design.


A strategic partner for design-driven digital identities and websites. www.soderhavet.com


A partner for enterprise solutions, with offices in Sweden, the UK and the US. www.nansen.com

The Äventyret Blog
360Stories: The making of

At Äventyret, we’ve been playing with virtual reality since the first Oculus Rift prototype became available back in 2013. We recently had a chance to build an immersive panorama viewer for Samsung’s virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR, which incorporates the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to run Android apps built with Oculus’s software development kit.

Our client: 360Cities, the world’s largest repository of 360-degree panoramic images. Äventyret developed the concept, while our dev partner Prototyp wrote the code. The result was 360Stories, an app that lets photographers add voice-over narration to their immersive panoramas. We learned a lot from the process; read on for some of our take-aways.

[…] → 360Stories: The making of

Come work at Äventyret

Things are going well for Äventyret, and we’re looking to hire two more people to join our team:

We expect to continue growing, so even if your expertise lies elsewhere, follow us on LinkedIn to catch future job announcements. And you are always welcome to come in for a chat.