Our method

Focused, lean iteration. As the client, you become a core part of Äventyret’s award-winning service design team — with members skilled in concept development, user interface design, graphic design and coding.

Then, over an intensive 2-3 week period, we work together in our Stockholm studio to:

  • Research and analyse the design challenge
  • Construct hypotheses gleaned from these research findings
  • Develop a prototype to test these hypotheses
  • Iteratively test and rebuild

The result is a prototype owned by you that provides a clear solution to the initial design challenge. This prototype can serve as a blueprint for a fully-functional polished product. You can choose to have Äventyret develop the project to completion, take it inhouse, or take it elsewhere. It’s yours to keep.

Focus first

We first define the problem we want to solve, and decide on how we measure success. As said by W. Pooh, “it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.”

Thinking big

Creation through innovation is key when reaching beyond the obvious. It is important that we allow ourselves to dream, unfettered by pre-existing platforms or organizational boundaries.

Working with you

Our clients take an active part in working with our team. Together we can create awesome solutions more quickly, and immediately perform the reality check.

Up and away

Don’t spend valuable time on something that will never fly. Prototyping for proof-of-concept is a more efficient and pragmatic path to reaching lift-off.

About Äventyret

Äventyret is a service design studio focused on the rapid prototyping of mobile apps and websites. We are the latest project to emerge from the award-winning digital design agency Söderhavet. Äventyret is Söderhavet’s service design business — turned into a startup. Äventyret was founded because clients are demanding more agile production methods when designing digital services, to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing environment. We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by our methodology, but are adaptable in our work: We are a boutique design studio, a SWAT startup for hire, or a service design squad, depending on the client’s need. Äventyret is part of a family of specialist digital agencies:


Innovation-driven service design agency with a focus on agile methods and mobile users.


A strategic partner for design-driven digital identities and websites. www.soderhavet.com


A partner for enterprise solutions, with offices in Sweden, the UK and the US. www.nansen.com

The Äventyret Blog
Äventyret speaks at Knowledge of Design Week in Hong Kong

Last week I was at the Hong Kong Design Centre‘s Knowledge of Design Week, invited to talk about how the hospitality industry needs to adapt to attract the millennial generation, and how big data can help with that challenge.

The whole talk is around 30 minutes, but I manage to pack a lot in: First, I look at what differentiates the millennial generation from previous generations of travellers. (Hint: They are mobile-native, global in outlook, and (more) post-materialistic). Then, I explore the new technologies coming online, and focus on big data, which underlies many of them. Then I look at how these new technologies are enabling the hospitality industry to come up with new strategies to connect with then millennials. And finally, I briefly look at where the new opportunities along the customer journey may now lie.

Feel free to chime in with feedback or questions.